BTiC Group - Your construction Equipment Partner

Build2gether Investments (u) ltd was incorporated in January 2017, with two main core business functions namely; EquipAccess department that supplies heavy construction equipment and the Technology department that develops solutions to help achieve the company objectives. Our company operates largely in the EastAfrican market and its mission is to serve and connect the entire African through its technological solutions by the year 2025

We believe in supporting construction, industrial and oil & gas companies access reliable equipment’s on lease and also empower companies through our technological solutions to manage their assets, network and promote B2B marketing and enable trading through our e-commerce trading platform.

We are so passionate about transforming companies to technology, with our 4 products companies can now easily access reliable equipment’s and their accessories through our e-commerce platform (EquipAccess), manage their assets with EAMS, integrate business core functions-(B2-ERP) and promote B2B networking and marketing online-(B2-Marketin)


Btic mission is to provide platforms that will ease access of reliable construction equipment, asset management, integrating business units and promote B2B marketing and networking for construction and oil& gas companies in Africa through its technology solutions

Organizations Wide Strategies

  • Technology and innovation
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Customer and people centric
  • Diversification of product


To be the leading technology solutions platform provider for the construction and oil & gas industry in Africa

Core Values

  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Environmental conservation
  • Trustworthy
  • Innovation
  • Accountability